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May 19, 2015

Published in BLUFF Magazine



Cabo San Lucas, Mexico has always been a quick and easy getaway destination for me since I am based out of Los Angeles. The last few times I’ve visited Cabo was to play online poker, so I found myself in foreign waters when I arrived there this past month, with my sunscreen, wide-brim floppy hat, plethora of bikinis, and absolutely no laptop whatsoever, I felt slightly naked… and I wasn’t even wearing a bikini at this point!


Every once in a while poker players get their shit together, enough to form a romantic relationship. (Imagine that!). Sometimes they are even able to prioritize things enough to keep said romantic relationship. (Yes boys, it is possible!) And once in a very, very blue moon, not only are said poker players able to form, keep, and cultivate a romantic relationship, but they then decide to go “all in” (figured the poker language will help make this concept more understandable) and make that lucky lady the queen of their hearts, for forever. (Too much?).


Chris Moorman is the romantic, and oh so debonair, hero in this poker love story. He figured out that there is more to life than poker, and that one Katie Lindsay would make a mighty fine Mrs. Moorman. This all leading to my arrival in Cabo, not for poker, but to celebrate the love of this poker power couple – more specifically, to wreak havoc on Mexico with the soon-to-be-Mrs-Moorman and her bachelorette party.


The weekend was perfectly planned, with a little bit of everything but not too much of anything, to allow a proper amount of relaxing and ensure that our bachelorette group of eight ladies wasn’t burnt out by the end of the 3.5-day trip. There are so many things to do in Cabo – party, Jet Ski, scuba dive and snorkel, beach, hike, sail, spa, horseback ride, bar hop, club, shop and a myriad other ocean-friendly activities, that it would be easy to tackle too much.


I’ve learned from my own travels that not having too rigid of a plan, or every minute planned out, allows one to go with the flow and just see where the ocean breeze takes you. And generally, these unexpected winds will take you somewhere quite pleasant and unforeseen that you might not have enjoyed had you not been open to going with the flow.


We loosely planned a dress-up dinner evening followed by a Cabo clubbing night, one day spent at sea lounging on a boat, and would round out the weekend with a resort day, playing games in the pool and enjoying bachelorette activities in our suite. It was the perfect array of fun, party, relaxation and quality girl-time, intermixed of course with myriad bachelorette-specific activities, games, costumes and little details.


I’m sure our hotel staff was amused by the abundance of penis items, games, and décor that were strategically placed throughout our suite. No embarrassing bachelorette amenity or décor item had been overlooked. Our group had thought of everything down to penis slippers for the bride-to-be. Who knew that penis slippers even existed?! It was definitely no mystery as to the reason for our visit/celebration, although on second thought, it could definitely have looked like a porn production had pulled into town.


If I detailed the activities of our entire bachelorette weekend, I’d clearly be a bad friend. I believe that bachelor and bachelorette parties abide by the same Vegas moniker, “What happens at a bachelorette party… STAYS at the bachelorette party.” However, I can offer up some suggestions for your next trip to Cabo, based on my lovely and only slightly naughty weekend!


The Villa La Estancia Beach Resort & Spa was a beautiful, calm, and luxurious oceanfront all-inclusive resort. If you can swing the Penthouse Suite, definitely do so. It had a perfectly “Cabo” aesthetic, with a sweeping bird’s-eye view of the ocean. It’s ideal for a large group, and allowed us so much space for partying in-suite. You could hunker down in the penthouse all weekend and never need to leave! All of our rooms opened onto our top floor, wrapped around balcony – equipped with dining/barbeque area, the most amazing view of the ocean, and, most importantly, our own private jacuzzi. 


If you’re with a rowdy party crowd, this resort might not be the right spot for you. We definitely had a few warnings about the level of celebratory spirit that we put out there, which in our opinion was pretty tame. Also, be sure to verify all of the things that are included in the all-inclusive package, because there were many moments that the staff failed to mention a little charge here or a non-inclusive item there, unbeknownst to us.


Cabo Sails was an excellent company for chartering a private boat along the Baja, California peninsula. The 44-foot Espiritu Santi was our home-on-the-water for a three-hour cruise, and made for an incredibly relaxing and perfectly Cabo afternoon. The majority of the boat deck is mattresses and lounging areas, which is perfect for sun tanning, napping, and max relaxation. Drinks, veggie trays, and Mexican platters were hand-delivered to us throughout the afternoon. It was the idea afternoon and Cabo activity, and we couldn’t muster a single complaint while a drift at sea with Cabo Sails.


One of those “go where the wind takes you” adventures, which actually turned into one of our most memorable parts of the weekend, was a visit to Mango Deck Restaurant & Bar. During our boating afternoon, we spotted what appeared to be a pretty happenin’ party along the beach. After we disembarked from our boat we decided to swing by and see what the fuss was all about.



“Mango Deck”, as the locals call it, is literally on the beach and is a bit reminiscent of Spring Break, but in a fun way and not in that super trashy or annoying way. Besides the food, drinks, sun, sand, music/DJ, view, abs, and T&A swarming this place, there is also a stage for sporadic live entertainment, including break-dancers, push-up contests, acrobatics, wet t-shirt contests, and so forth. So, in between relaxation, partying, socializing, and food/drinks, they’re constantly engaging the audience in fun activities. There is absolutely no way to get bored here.


For you go-hard partiers, there is no other place to go than Downtown Cabo. You’ll find plenty of bars and clubs to spend your evenings, or hop between. Our favorite spot, and probably the most “hip” club is Mandala Night Club. We enjoyed the vibe, music, and crowd so much that we went back multiple nights in a row.


At the end of the weekend, I’m feeling properly relaxed, but that will be short-lived considering I have less than a 48-hour turn around before embarking on a non-stop 3.5-week travel schedule, leading right up to WSOP time. First, I head to Monte Carlo to play in the European Poker Tour Grand Final, then I’m off to East Chicago for a Heartland Poker Tour event, then to HPT headquarters for production in-studio, followed by a quick stop in Vegas for Tiger Woods’ charity weekend “Tiger Jam”, and then back home to L.A. for a few days to pack up my closet, before once again leaving for Las Vegas for a 7-week WSOP summer. Vamossssssss!

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