USA TODAY: Maria Ho hoping to ride off with The LA Sunset

Contrary to popular belief, there is more poker played in Los Angeles year round than anywhere else in the nation, including Las Vegas. So when it came to managing the LA Sunset, Maria Ho knew that the pressure was going to be on. She may have had the #9 pick, but Ho told us that she got her top guy, young German pro Fedor Holz.

“He was my #1 pick, so I was glad that everything went according to plan as far as he was concerned. Being able to get Fedor really got the ball rolling in the right direction. I think that Fedor has the right combination of insane poker ability and being a young up-and-comer in the poker world that has staying power,” Ho told us.

In the second round, Ho was able to pick up the last player added to the draft pool: WPT Alpha 8 commentator and heads-up specialist Olivier Busquet. The native New Yorker figures to be a perfect fit for the GPL format.


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