Q&A: An Interview with Maria Ho

wsop women - maria ho

ReviewAndPlay.com had the great pleasure to sit down with one of the top ranked female poker players in the world, Maria Ho, to learn a bit more about her views on poker and appreciate various aspects of her life.

What is your view about playing online vs live casinos? Some suggest it is better to get the basics by playing online, however it is hard to read people online.

I enjoy playing both formats. The nice thing about online is that the games go quicker and you can multi-table and maximize the value of your time and ROI. There are also bigger guarantees/prize pools with smaller buy-ins. I do think live is a better way to get a feel for the actual game, since an important aspect of poker is about reading your opponents. There’s something about actual, practical, tangible experience that I think lends itself towards a more well-rounded poker education.

What advice would you give to the players to learn how to read their opponents?

When you sit down at a table PAY ATTENTION. Players give off information with *how they play (style), *what they say (vocal), *how they move (physical) and *how they bet (patterns with bet sizing etc). If you understand your opponent’s tendencies you’ll be better able to notice when they deviate from their norms, i.e. when they have a big hand or are bluffing. Also, trust your instincts!