BUST MAGAZINE: The Life Of A World-Traveling Female Poker Pro

There’s a point in almost everyone’s childhood where they decide their life ambition is to become a pop star. Some might aspire to become an acclaimed TV presenter, others want to travel the world, whilst we all like to imagine ourselves winning millions at the casino. For Maria Ho, each enviable venture is a mere box she ticks off a list of personal goals rather than the distant and seemingly unrealistic dream it is for so many others. We sat down with the star to take a look at her recent Q&A with fans and gain an insight into the unyielding dedication that has brought Ho to where she is today.

Born into a traditional Chinese family in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, Ho was just four years old when she moved with her parents and sister to a city of similar bustle - Los Angeles. The American way of life may have seen her far removed from her Chinese roots, but Ho never stopped feeling connected to her heritage. “My mother made a real effort to maintain Chinese traditions so it was very much a Chinese household I grew up in...we ate Chinese food, listened to Chinese music. I went to Chinese school and learned Mandarin. My roots are strong and I want to pass it on to my own kids someday.” Though keen to represent China’s people, Ho isn’t shy to criticize the country’s abuse of human rights. “I’m grateful to have had that experience of a second culture...it puts things in perspective.” It is no doubt the experience of two widely differing cultures which came to stir Ho’s self-proclaimed wanderlust. Besides the two nations she calls home, Ho has visited over 60 countries across the world and is always looking to extend the list.


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