RANKINGHERO: Maria Ho about Battle of Malta, the WSOP, and more!

While a very successful live tournament player (three-time Last Woman Standing in WSOP ME!), Maria Ho's career in poker is by no means confined to the tables. Coaching, writing and commentating, poker host and brand ambassador - she's done it all! Her latest high-profile professional commitment is with PokerListings Battle of Malta and in November 2015, she will be welcoming BoM players as official host for the second consecutive year.And if her poker resume is not impressive enough, Maria Ho is fluent in Mandarin, has competed in the World Mahjong Tour, and is a singer/musician who loves performing at music venues!

Poker babe Maria Ho

You started playing poker in college like many others and unlike many others, you did graduate from University of California with a major in Communications and minor in Law. Were you ever tempted to abandon/interrupt your studies? Any advice to college kids thinking about dropping out to take up poker full time?

MARIA: First of all, advice to college kids wanting to drop out: DON’T DO IT! Poker isn’t going anywhere and take it from me, it's a lot harder to make a living at it then it looks! And if poker doesn’t work out, you will be happy to have a Plan B to fall back on... so STAY IN SCHOOL, kids, and play poker on the side.No, I wasn’t ever tempted to drop out because poker was something I did on the side for fun...


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